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Flexx your Anime!

AnimeFlexx is a community of anime lovers, working towards the goal of creating the ultimate Anime Hub in Sacramento. After getting tired of having to wait all year for Anime-Con to come by for just the weekend,
AnimeFlexx decided to do something about it. It is our goal to create the first year-round anime gathering, by providing an anime-themed lounge. AnimeFlexx will be able to bring the Anime Culture to Sacramento, we plan to be able to provide the city of Sacramento things such as a Manga reading lounge, a Ramen bar, Anime vendor spaces, Community gathering space, and overall a place to introduce people to what we love most ANIME!
So get your cosplay on and help us make this a reality.

What We’re Doing

Raising Funds

Everything from Patreon to personally getting out there and hosting booths at local pop us. We are doing everything we can to make this a reality and if you would like to see an anime hub in Sacramento consider supporting us.

Weekly Gatherings

Currently gathering once a week every [day] at [location]. With a plan to grow our supporters and community, until we reach our end goal of opening Sacramentos First Anime Community Hub.

Community Awareness

Bringing awareness of the anime culture to the communities in the city of Sacramento, CA. Our goal is to open our doors in the heart of Sacramento, Downtown, and create a local hub for those who love anime.

What they’re saying

Love coming to the weekly get togethers, Cant wait till AnimeFlexx opens their store. Super hyped!

― F. Coolguy

Anime Flexx is one of the coolest clubs I’ve ever joined. The host Kelley is really awesome I never new how many people out here were this dedicated to this cause.

― S. Coolperson


Support us and help create the best Anime Center in Sacramento

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